I believe in the holistic business model and aim to empower business owners to invest in themselves and their employees individual well-being. 

As employee number one at the ArcView Group –the nation’s first cannabis investment firm– I helped facilitate the funding of more than 60 companies with a capital raise of $50+ million and an additional $750k collected for drug policy reform initiatives.

While stewarding ArcView’s deep-rooted investor community, I launched a mindfulness initiative and taught yoga for business professionals at cannabis conferences around the nation.

I support individuals and businesses in pursuit of their success and wellness. I envision the day when these journeys become interchangeable. 

A commitment to my own mindfulness practice eventually paved out a new path for me and in 2015 a new chapter unfolded.   Prior to building out that vision,  I spent time healing my body from chronic stress and fatigue. During that recovery, I stepped into my role as a yoga teacher and counselor and built upon my passion for the mind/body connection.


In 2016, I taught a 100+ yoga classes, produced a yoga festival and assisted in the launch of an adaptive yoga program for people with special needs. I also uncovered the power of combining yoga with cannabis and have lead discussions on utilizing the two together as a means to access emotional, spiritual and physical healing.

I am a firm believer in chasing the dream and I want to support you in manifesting yours. If you’re a business looking for constructive ways to mature your model or an individual hoping to strengthen a personal one,  I’ve curated several offerings to serve you. Find out how by visiting my healing and business page.