“Ganja Yoga Opens in Oakland”

The Pioneer
When I’m practicing yoga at home I’m constantly checking the clock to see how much time is left. At Ganja Yoga, I was so immersed in the practice I was pleasantly surprised when we reached the final pose of Savasana. I was relaxed and calm. I focused on the relief each pose brought me rather than the physical shape. When I entered the studio, I was holding my breath, and carrying the stress of daily life on my shoulders. When I left I was centered, my body was aligned and I had returned to the natural rhythm of my breath.

“Meet Jess:  Cannabis Consultant and Yoga Teacher”

People of Paragon
“The hardest thing is the pace of the industry and the constant change in regulations.  They say that 3 months in the cannabis industry is like 5 years in any other industry, so it really is like dog years. That’s why having a mindful practice at your desk is very important. You need a sustainable business model, but you need to take care of yourself in order to succeed in this space as it’s demanding and the best version of you is needed.

“Movement is Medicine”

Supported by research from Harvard University, business thought leaders believe prolonged sitting is the most underrated health risk of our modern time.
“Cannabis in PA: An Interview with Senator Leach”
It helps the state’s economy by creating an entire new industry. Generating direct tax dollars that can be used for funding schools, roads or even tax cuts.  Plus, we wouldn’t be putting 25,000 people  — mostly  kids– a year into the criminal justice system. This saves Pennsylvania hundreds of millions of dollars and saves lives.
“Cannabis Hedge Funds Join the Green Rush”
It is important we acknowledge the relentless work we have been putting our bodies and our minds through,” said Jessica Dugan, who led the session. “In order to maintain our sector’s growth, it is important to have some kind of mindfulness practice.