12890983_1170170026329600_4037009585673900353_oI believe a sustainable business starts with sustainable employees and advocate for employee well-being. My journey to business mindfulness began while working for a significant start-up in the burgeoning cannabis industry. During that time I learned the importance of personal well-being for success and committed to sharing this understanding with my friends and colleagues.  In 2014,  I launched a mindfulness initiative in the cannabis sector and have been presenting on the topic of wellness in the workplace ever since.  With an emphasis on how we eat, move and sleep, I offer workshops and presentations to businesses and conferences looking to promote health as wealth. As a result,  professionals learn how to leverage productivity and fiscal gain through the development of a conscious work experience.

“For most of us, work is not good for our health. Long periods of sitting, traveling in cramped quarters, eating bad food, and intense stress does not feel good. At an Arcview Investor Forum, Jess helped us realize that by focusing on our breath, clearing our minds, and stretching our bodies in specific ways, we can elevate our energy levels, add more stamina, and have more fun…just by focusing on ourselves for a short period of time. I wish Jess could be at every conference.” – Patrick Rea, Canopy Boulder

“Employees mindsets and wellbeing can make or break an organization. Hire Jess to breathe life into your company- you won’t regret it.”  – Carissa Tardiff, Entrepreneur  

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0069arcview_day1I help entrepreneurs bring their vision to life and guide established firms through project based jobs. Seasoned in start-up culture, my experience brings perspective from multiple angles and offers insight into the full life cycle of a business.  I hold a degree in Marketing from Coastal Carolina University  and am proficient in operations, funding, media and communications.  Supported by an established network of philanthropic leaders, my social capital is one of the most valuable assets to my clientele. My work draws on experience from seven years in the live music and festival sector, four years in the cannabis industry and two years of work in the yoga and wellness sector.

“I am so excited to continue the work we have started. “Raea Campbell,  Bōsm Wellness

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