Why Yoga?

Ten years ago, I walked into the gym and took a yoga class as an exercise class.  At the time, I didn’t know it then, but that “exercise class” would later become a principal force helping to carve out my life’s path.

Yoga is one of the greatest tools for strengthening the mind/body connection while simultaneously deepening one’s spiritual practice.   Since my certification in 2012, the number of yoga practitioners has increased from 20.4 million to more than 36 million; leaving the marketplace both competitive and desirable.

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Prayer & Alex & Allyson Grey

Visionary artists and power couple Alex and Allyson Grey have been showing up in the cannabis industry with artwork that has embodied the spirit of the plant medicine. Their work is paramount in the psychedelic art movement and live music community both of which overlap in the cannabis sector.

Most recently, they provided live art and a talk on cannabis at the Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa, CA. Emerald cup is an annual consumer show most commonly known for its award winning contestants and their prized flowers, topicals, edibles and regenerative farmers among other categories. On day two of the cup, I had the pleasure of meeting Alex and Allyson and shared an intimate moment with them on the topic of prayer.

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