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Jess Dugan is right hand woman to cannabis industry pioneer, Mara Gordon. She is the Chief of Staff at The Oil Plant & manages the Aunt Zelda’s brand as seen in Ricki Lake’s groundbreaking film, Weed the People.

Jess’s work draws on her experience as employee number one at The Arcview Group– our nation’s first cannabis investment firm–where she helped facilitate the funding of more than 60 companies with a capital raise of $50+ million and an additional $750k for drug policy reform initiatives. While stewarding Arcview’s investor community, she launched a business-mindfulness initiative to help combat the heavy demands felt across the emerging sector.

Jess believes a sustainable business starts with sustainable employees. Her commitment to wellness in the workplace has led her to produce and sell-out private retreats designed for cannabis professionals.

In 2017, Jess became the first teacher to expand Ganja Yoga™ — a cannabis enhanced yoga practice — into a new city. Her classes have been featured internationally and continue to grow with a returning student base.

Prior to her work in VC, Jess ran a conscious-living blog dedicated to the appreciation of live music and covered events internationally.