Why Yoga?

Ten years ago I walked into the gym and took a yoga class as an exercise class.   I didn’t know it then, but that “exercise class” would later become a major force on my life’s path.

Yoga is one of the greatest tools for strengthening the mind/body connection while simultaneously deepening one’s spiritual practice.   Since my certification in 2012, the number of yoga practitioners has increased from 20.4 million to more than 36 million; leaving the marketplace both competitive and desirable.


Social Influencers in the millennial demographic are credited for their contribution to turning this ancient practice into a forever trend — a trend that tricks its followers into a practice they’ll continue showing up for.

But, why?

Since 2012, the number of yoga practitioners has increased from 20.4 million to more than 36 million.

Because the benefits are real and yoga works for every BODY. Yoga increases our strength, balance and flexibility both in the mind and body as well as on and off the mat. It connects us to the very essence of our truth and provides us with the information we need to set ourselves apart from the past and free from our unforetold futures.  The practice of yoga is transformative and allows us to open our hearts to a world of infinite possibilities while reducing stress,  improving the cardiovascular system and boosting our overall energy.   Yoga also supports digestion, helps with sleep and has been known to help relieve back pain.


In my teaching practice, I help students connect to their truest self through movement medicine and philosophy. This true self is the self that is sometimes buried beneath the chitter chatter of a busy mind, but can be easily excavated through movement.

Whether I’m teaching one on one, in a classroom or on stage to 1,200 people, my emphasis is always on the mind/body connection.   The body carries its own wisdom and provides the mind with a secondary communication line to support decision making. Similar somatic knowledge  keeps us safe in our yoga practice and on track in our lives. Emphasized in class or not, yoga enhances the mind/body connection.


Patanjali, the father of yoga,  says: “A yoga practice becomes firmly grounded when well attended to, without break and for longtime.” The discipline he instructs is present to motivate us along our paths as we strive together to formulate a positive trajectory.

The more we commit to our practice, the more we prosper; the more we prosper the more likely we’ll align to our highest potential.  When we  are aligned with our  highest potential we are able to operate fully from the heart. It is here, when our  purpose on this planet becomes clear and accessible.

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