Prayer & Alex & Allyson Grey

Visionary artists and power couple Alex and Allyson Grey have been showing up in the cannabis industry with artwork that has embodied the spirit of the plant medicine. Their work is paramount in the psychedelic art movement and live music community both of which overlap in the cannabis sector.

Most recently, they provided live art and a talk on cannabis at the Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa, CA. Emerald cup is an annual consumer show most commonly known for its award winning contestants and their prized flowers, topicals, edibles and regenerative farmers among other categories. On day two of the cup, I had the pleasure of meeting Alex and Allyson and shared an intimate moment with them on the topic of prayer.


For several years now,  I’ve been using “Artist’s Prayer,” written by Alex, to help me connect to my higher self and authentic unfolding as an artist. When I told Alex I’d been using his prayer, Allyson slipped me her business card and invited me to keep the conversation going by writing a blog post for them.

Through the Artist’s Prayer, I learned that art doesn’t have to be on a canvas or crafted with a brush to be art; art can be a business model drawn up on a whiteboard or a seamless operation, efficient and on time.  Through this prayer,  I  learned that my raw talent will amount to multiple masterpieces and that the final product will always blow away my many rough drafts. This prayer also helped me realize that the dream is always evolving and that true success aligns with collaboration and while in service to the whole.

Throughout my four years as a young professional in the cannabis industry,  this prayer has been the passageway to my potential as an artist contributing to leading businesses in the sector like the ArcView Group and Women Grow as well as up and coming companies gaining traction like Bōsm Wellness and Golden Goddess Botanicals.  The words of this prayer opened all of my eyes to the inner entrepreneur working inside me to make our world a better place, one business at a time.

Artist’s Prayer

9b91caa22e8569669193ccf02a7b30b5Creator of the Universe,
How infinite and astonishing
Are your worlds.
Thank you,
For your Sacred Art
And sustaining Presence.

Divine Imagination,
Forgive my blindness,
Open all my Eyes.
Reveal the Light of Truth.
Let original Beauty
Guide my every stroke.

Universal Creativity,
Flow through me,
From my heart
Through my mind to my hand,
Infuse my work with spirit
To feed hungry souls.

This is the first of two blogs I intend to create on the subject of prayer as it relates to the Artist’s Prayer. The purpose of this blog is to express gratitude for an opportunity to co-create with art icons through their channel and to also promote the practice of daily prayer.  The future post  will dive deeper into the verses of the Artist Prayer and the expansiveness it creates around one’s personal destiny as it relates to their work in the world.

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